10,000 Likes Giveaway!!!!

Getting to 10,000 likes has been a HUGE achievement for us! We want to celebrate by giving away TEN $25 gift certificates!! There are two ways to enter to win:
1) Pin an image from our gallery on Pinterest (you’ll receive one entry for each image you pin). Here’s a link to the gallery: http://poppytreeframes.com/blog/?page_id=227
2) Share the Facebook post announcing this giveaway on your Facebook wall. Here’s a link to the post: http://tinyurl.com/7kecm47

Once your done, please post your efforts in the comments of this post. We’ll announce the winner Wednesday, 5/23. THANK YOU so much for liking us!!! Good Luck!!

Heidy Stephens - Shared giveaway on my FB timeline!

susan munsey - shared on my facebook page for the giveaway

Christine Parise Santosus - Shared and Pinned

Mel Kaplan - Very exciting news!! Congrats on getting to 10,000 likes! I have shared your site on my facebook page and pinned a photo on my pinterest page as well. Keeping my fingers crossed on the giveaway!!

Angie Hollenbeck - I shared! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win!

Skye - I posted six of your beautiful gallery images to my pinterest page, and share the Facebook post! Thank you for doing a giveaway!

raynakacz@yahoo.com - Shared on my wall!

Heidy Stephens - Pinned 5 frames from gallery!

Madeline Richards - Shared on Facebook! Love your frames!!!

Rachel Dawson - Pinned what I could and shared on my wall! Looooooooooove your frames!!

Phuong Liebl - Shared and pinned!

Phuong Liebl - Shared on FB and pinned!

mel@myourstories.com (Mel Kaplan) - I shared your photo on my personal site too. Previously I posted on my biz page. :O) Thought I should include this one too. thanks!

KittenJen - I shared the giveaway on facebook!

KittenJen - I pinned my fave frame (and some others I love too)

kristi gray - I shared your giveaway!! Good luck getting the word out…love your frames!

janine mullinax - Shared on fb

Dawn Hamus - Love these frames! I have pinned a number of them on pinterest and also shared on Facebook for the giveaway! Can’t wait to get some of these beautiful frames for my home!

KittenJen - I’ve pinned at least 7 photos of frames or collections I’d like to own!

Erica Walters - Posted the link on FB and pinned one picture on Pinterest…hope I win!!

Love your frames!

Melissa Rose - Shared on FB! :)

Elizabeth Butler - Shared on my facebook and pinned 7 images :)

Megan Weber - Shared on my Facebook Page! :) Congrats!

Dusica Paripovic - Shared on FB!

Desiree Gutierrez - shared on facebook :)

Lesley Bailey - Shared your 10,000 fan link on my facebook and put all 42 gallery pics on my Pinterest! Anxiously awaiting arrival of my first order (fabulous collage set!) I do photography as a hobby and have been telling all my friends about these frames! Love them! Thanks for the giveaway and congrats on the 10.000!!!

Nichole Aschliman - I shared this on my FB page! I’m looking for a 3-opening frame for 4×6’s to frame our 3 kids we sponsor from Africa. We sponsor one child for each of our children and love having updated photos of them. We recently received more letters and pictures and I’d love to use your frame to put them all together on the wall in our kitchen! You do beautiful work:)

Laura Dassance - shared on FB!

R.Sloma - Shared on FB and on Pinterest!

Katherine - I love everything on this site. I shared the giveaway on my Facebook!

Elaine - Shared on Facebook and was able to pin 7 images from your site!

Stacey Schoelich - I shared the post on my FB!

Stacey Schoelich - I pinned 37 images to my pinterest!!

Ang Alford - Shared , https://www.facebook.com/ang.alford.7/posts/227773030659488 belensmama at gmail dot com

Ang Alford - Pinned, http://pinterest.com/pin/164381455119395357/ belensmama at gmail dotcom

Ang Alford - pinned again , http://pinterest.com/pin/164381455119395359/ belensmama at gmail dotcom

Ang Alford - pinned another ,http://pinterest.com/pin/164381455119395367/ belensmama at gmail dot com

Ang Alford - pinned , http://pinterest.com/pin/164381455119395371/ belensmama at gmail dot com

Ang Alford - Another gallery pin , http://pinterest.com/pin/164381455119395374/ belensmama at gmail dot com

Ang Alford - Love this pattern ,pinned it , http://pinterest.com/pin/164381455119395377/ belensmama at gmail dot com

Ang Alford - http://pinterest.com/pin/164381455119395381/ pinned belensmama at gmail dot com

Ang Alford - Pin , http://pinterest.com/pin/164381455119395387/ belensmama at gmail dot com

Ang Alford - pin http://pinterest.com/pin/164381455119395408/ belensmama at gmail dot com

Ang Alford - pinned , http://pinterest.com/pin/164381455119395410/ belensmama at gmail dot com

Ang Alford - PINNED , http://pinterest.com/pin/164381455119395414/ belensmama at gmail dot com

Ang Alford - Pinned again , My Style board , http://pinterest.com/belensmama/my-style/ belensmama at gmail dot com

Ang Alford - http://pinterest.com/belensmama/my-style/ belensmama at gmail dot com PIN #13

Ang Alford - Pinned 42 times total belensmama at gmail dot com

Kayla Creamer - Shared on my business Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/kcreamerphotodesignfilm!

Heidi James - I shared the giveaway on facebook and pinned 10 images on pinterest. I love, love, love your frames!

Randi Boyd - Shared on my FB wall for the giveaway!

Alli - I shared on FB.

Marisa Carrizales - Shared on Facebook!!

Marisa Carrizales - I pinned 3 times!!

Haley - Shared on my FB wall!

Amanda - Shared your Awesome Giveaway on Facebook!!

Rebecca Turgeon - Shared on FB. Thanks!

Tina Keen - Big fan of your frames!!! Thank you for the giveaway and I pinned 8 frames that I LOVE! I also shared on http://www.facebook.com/tinakeen86

Marie Wickware - Yeah! I shared the pic on facebook of the giveaway! Tried pinning some images but the internet was funky! I’ll try again later!! Thanks for the chance!

Alana Holland - Pinned on Pinterest! I can’t wait to receive my order in the mail. :)

Sandra Moak - Shared on FB!

Sandra Moak - Pinned a few frames I’d love to have:)

alyssa darby - Shared on Facebook! Thanks!

Carolyn Hubbell - Shared on my Facebook wall and pinned 50 of your frames on Pinterest. Thank you!!!

Melissa Toma - another pin!!! http://pinterest.com/pin/124974958379927333/

Lauren LaPaglia - Pinned my favorite three and shared the link! Love your frames. :)

Ashley Hamer - Shared on my facebook timeline and pinned 3 frames from gallery!

Lisa Anastasia - Liked and Shared on my FB page! LOVE the frames!!

April Busche - http://pinterest.com/aprilbusche/all-about-the-photo-frames/

Here is my link to my board with my pins!! :) Love the frames!

Also shared the giveaway on my facebook page!

Kristina Neill - Shared on facebook and liked 12 frames on pinterest! Love your stuff! PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME!

Elizabeth Smith - pinned 2 frames from gallery! Love these frames. Their GORGEOUS!

Stephanie Smith - Shared on Facebook!!

Stephanie Smith - PINNED 5 images!!!

Christy metcalfe - Shared on fb

Brooke Ramsey - Shared the giveaway picture on my facebook wall! Thanks for the opportunity to win! I love your frames!

Heather D - Pinned a frame

Heather D - Shared on Facebook

Heather D - Pinned another frame

Heather D - Pinned one more

Michelle Clements - Love pinned about 10 images. Thanks for the chance! Oh and shared the giveaway. GL everyone!

Erika - shared the LOVE!!! Pick me! The Pampered Life Photography!! :)

Joann Boswell - Your frames are beautiful, pinned on interest!!!

Judy Exham - Pinned! I love your frames :) http://pinterest.com/pin/230739180878977488/

Jill Rusnak - Shared on my FB page! Would love to win this and add more frames to the 6 of yours I have already :)

Emily - pinned and shared :)

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