Photographer Contest with a $1000 Grand Prize!!!!!


We are now accepting entries for the Poppy Tree Frames photographer contest! The winner of this contest’s images will be featured in Poppy Tree Frame’s marketing and receive mad recognition and world renown. The winner will also receive over $1000 in Poppy Tree Frames products! The $1000 will be divided into $500 of in-store credit and a bevy of our favorite and best selling frames valued at over $500.  The winner will be whoever’s image receives the most votes in the form of Facebook “likes.” In order for a vote to be counted, the voter must first “like” the Poppy Tree Frames Facebook page. This contest is open to everyone and voting will begin Saturday, January 28th and end Sunday, February 5th at 10pm.


Here’s how it works:

1. Select an image you have taken that you think would best compliment a Poppy Tree Frame.


For example, let’s say I selected this sweet pic:


2. Next, select one of the following frames. Pick the one you feel would best suit your image.

A. August in Beigewood

B. Faint in Jet Black

c.  Brazen on Faint Strata in North Sea and Wood Ash

D. Ether in Robin’s Nest

E. Faint Strata in North Sea and Newborn’s Eyes

F. Faint in Timid White

G. Nebula Strata in Robin’s Nest and Timid White

H. Nebula Print in Jet Black with Black Emblems Print

I. Ether Print in Robin’s Nest with Pink Green Arrangement Print.


3. Send your selections to: with the subject : Photographer Contest


4. We will then edit your image into the selected frame:

For example, say I selected “F. Faint in Timid White.” My image would be inserted to look like this:


5. We will then post your framed image to a picture gallery on our facebook page named “Photographer Contest.”

6. Votes will only be counted from fans of Poppy Tree Frames. In order to become a fan, the voter must “like” or must have previously “liked” Poppy Tree Frames’ Facebook page. The voter must then “like” your picture posted in the gallery.

7. Voting will begin Saturday, January 28th. Whichever image receives the most votes “Facebook likes” by 10pm on February 5th wins!!!!!!! Thank you for participating and good luck!!!



casey pugh - Cant wait to see my picture in the frame!!

Amber Horspool - This is so fun! I can’t wait to see my picture on your site and in a sweet frame!!! Thanks for a fun contest!

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