16×21 Shale on Gray Shower Deer Silhouette



Set 17


18×24 Mirror/Frame Combo in Avocado



5×7 Harmony in Beigwood


Four 5×7 Faint Coat Hook


8×10 Faint in Good Morning Sunshine


20×24 Ether in Red with Magnetic Board


16×20 Nebula Strata in Timber Wolfe on Good Morning Sunshine with Gray Chevron print


One 16×20 with four 8×10 Sovereign Collage in Good Morning Sunshine


Four 5×7 Nebula Strata Coat Hook in Good Morning Sunshine on Timber Wolfe


Four 5×7 Faint in Bittersweet Chocolate


3×3 August in Sierra Spruce and 3×3 Faint in Mayan Green


5×5 Chrysalis in Timber Wolfe


One 11×17 with three 5×5’s August


8×10 Ether in Gray Shower with Gray Chevron print


20×30 Brazen on Faint Strata in Timid White on North Sea, 12×24 Sovereign Strata in Timber Wolfe on Timid White,

16×24 Harmony in Timber Wolfe, 8×12 Oval in Gray Shower, 10×15 August in Simply White, 10×15 August in North Sea,

10×15 Faint in Simply White


One 8×10 with two 5×7’s Nebula in Gray Shower



One 11×17 with three 5×5’s Harmony in Timid White


One 16×20 with six 4×6’s Harmony in Timber Wolfe


Set 10


Set 18


Three 5×7’s Nebula in Timber Wolfe


8×8 Orchid in Robin’s Nest with Gray Chevron print


8×10 Harmony in Timid White on Robin’s Nest




Two 5×7 Nebula Collage Frame in Million Dollar Red

16×20 Sovereign Print frame in Bittersweet Chocolate and Brown Antique print

One 5×5 and two 5×7’s August Collage in Robin’s Nest

8×10 Harmony in Bittersweet Chocolate

20×30 Nebula in Jet Black

One 12×12 and four 5×5’s August Collage Frame in Beigwood

Set 2: One 8×10 Brazen in Wood Ash and Yellow Layers print, one 4×6 Sovereign in Good Morning Sunshine, one filled-in 4×6 Ether in Wood Ash and Yellow Delicate print, one 11×14 Revery in Wood Ash and Lime Green Roses print, one 16×20 Sovereign in Wood Ash and Rose Bouquet Cream print, one 8×10 Faint in Little Boy Blue

One 12×12 and four 5×5’s Faint Collage Frame in Bittersweet Chocolate

12×12 Clover Strata in Gemstone on Bittersweet Chocolate

One 8×8 Faint in Wood Ash, one 5×7 Faint in Timber Wolfe, one 11×14 Ether in Shale, one 5×7

Faint in Gray Shower and one 8×8 Faint in Wood Ash.

8×10 Ether Strata in Timid White on Robin’s Nest

One 8×10 and two 5×7 Sovereign Collage Frame in Wood Ash

16×20 Brazen on Faint Strata in Wood Ash on Avocado8×10 Nebula Print Frame in Avocado and Pineapple Floral Print

One 8×8 Revery in Bittersweet Chocolate, one 11×14 Brazen in Shale, one 8×10 Ether in Beigewood, one 8×10 Orchid in Sierra Spruce, one 11×14 Revery in Gray Shower and one 8×8 Faint in Rich Clay Brown.

8×8 Clover Print Frame in Gray Shower and Fuchsia Rose Print

8×10 Symmetry in Good Morning Sunshine

One 11×14 Faint Strata with Newborn’s Eyes on top of North Sea and

two 8×8 Faint Stratas with Newborn’s Eyes on top of North Sea

One 8×10 and two 5×7’s Nebula Collage Frame in Shale

Three 8×10’s Faint Collage Frame in Sierra Spruce

5×7 Faint Strata in Pink Parfait on top of Pink Blossom

One 11×14 Nebula Strata in Wood Ash on top of Robin’s Nest and

two 11×14 Ether Print frames in Robin’s Nest with Blue Cream Arrangement

11×14 Nebula Strata in Wood Ash on top of Sierra Spruce

15×15 Circle Print Frame in Tan Geometric Print and Wood Ash trim

One 16×24 August in Wood Ash and two 11×14 Augusts in Wood Ash

15×15 Clover in Raspberry  Truffle

one 8×10 Faint in Jet Black, one 4×6 Sovereign in Beigewood and one 11×14 August in Jet Black

5×7 Faint Print frame in Jet Black with Black Floral print

One 8×8 Circle in Beigewood, one 5×7 Sovereign in Sierra Spruce, one 11×14 Brazen in Wood Ash,

one 10×10 Orchid in Robin’s Nest, one 4×6 August in Bittersweet Chocolate and one 8×10 Faint in Jet Black

8×10 Nebula Print frame in Wood Ash with Pink Green Floral Arrangement print

One 16×20 Nebula in Beigewood and two 8×10 Nebula’s in Beigewood

16×20 Ether Print frame in Avocado with Green Damask print

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terri decanter - Do you sell these a discounted price to Photographers?

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vickie jones - Superstar Photography, inc. love these frames they are unique and you have yourself a great market

Jennifer Brooks - Are the bright flowers in the black floral print more of an orange or a red tint? It is so hard to tell on the computer. Thank you. Jennifer

Sheree Harriman - I have never seen anything like these, especially in groupings! So pretty and unique! Will be ordering soon!!!

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